Dennerle növény - Blyxa japonica

Dennerle növény - Blyxa japonica

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Stunning, grass-like foreground plant. Takashi Amano's fantastic underwater landscapes have really pushed this plant into the limelight. In the wild it only grows submerged in slow-moving, shaded water. This plant is known for being very demanding. And yet it is possible to cultivate when you take care of the important factors such as adequate light, CO2 supplementation, and nutrient-rich substrate. A large group turns any aquarium into a fascinating spectacle. With very strong lighting these plants display intense, red colouring.

Family: Hydrocharitaceae
Species: Blyxa
Native to: East-Asia
Area/height: midground, -15 cm
Light: medium-strong
Temperature: 22 - 28°C

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